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Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick
People, Probabilities, and Big Moves to Beat the Odds
Author: Chris Bradley
Publisher: [[ Wiley Sons Inc?utm_content=John Wiley and Sons Inc]]
Format: Hardback
9781119487623, 1119487625
Business Strategy

The Decision Book The Decision Book
Fifty models for strategic thinking (New Edition)
Author: Mikael Krogerus
Publisher: [[ Books Ltd?utm_content=Profile Books Ltd]]
Format: Hardback
9781781259542, 1781259542
Business Strategy , Personal Development ,

New Sales. Simplified. New Sales. Simplified.
The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development
Author: Mike Weinberg
Publisher: [[ Focus?utm_content=Harpercollins Focus]]
Format: Paperback
9780814431771, 0814431771
Business Strategy , Sales & Marketing ,

Lean Thinking Lean Thinking
Banish Waste And Create Wealth In Your Corporation
Author: James P. Womack
Publisher: [[ SCHUSTER?utm_content=SIMON and SCHUSTER]]
Format: Paperback
9780743231640, 0743231643
Business Strategy , Management & Management Techniques ,

The Founder's Dilemmas The Founder's Dilemmas
Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup
Author: Noam Wasserman
Publisher: [[ University Press?utm_content=Princeton University Press]]
Format: Paperback
9780691158303, 0691158304

Oversubscribed Oversubscribed
How to Get People Lining Up to Do Business with You
Author: Daniel Priestley
Publisher: [[ Wiley Sons Ltd?utm_content=John Wiley and Sons Ltd]]
Format: Paperback
9780857086198, 0857086197
Business & Management

Our Iceberg is Melting Our Iceberg is Melting
Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions
Author: John Kotter
Publisher: [[ MacMillan?utm_content=Pan MacMillan]]
Format: Hardback
9781509830114, 1509830111
Management & Management Techniques

Conscious Business Conscious Business
How to Build Value Through Values
Author: Fred Kofman
Publisher: [[ TRUE INC?utm_content=SOUNDS TRUE INC]]
Format: Paperback
9781622032020, 1622032020
Business Strategy

Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits
What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm
Author: Verne Harnish
Publisher: [[ Publishing?utm_content=Gazelles Publishing]]
Format: Paperback
9780978774950, 0978774957
Business Strategy

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