history of mathematics

Euler's Pioneering Equation Euler's Pioneering Equation
The most beautiful theorem in mathematics
Author: Robin Wilson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Hardback
9780198794929, 0198794924
History Of Mathematics , Popular Science ,

Journey through Genius Journey through Genius
Great Theorems of Mathematics
Author: William Dunham
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Format: Hardback
9780471500308, 0471500305
Philosophy Of Mathematics

Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis
The Quest to Find the Hidden Law of Prime Numbers
Author: Dan Rockmore
Publisher: VINTAGE
Format: Paperback
9780375727726, 0375727728
Philosophy Of Mathematics , Number Systems , Number Theory , History Of Mathematics ,

Pricing the Future Pricing the Future
Finance, Physics, and the 300-year Journey to the Black-Scholes Equation
Author: George G. Szpiro
Format: Hardback
9780465022489, 0465022480

The Mathematics of the Heavens and the Earth The Mathematics of the Heavens and the Earth
The Early History of Trigonometry
Author: Glen van Brummelen
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Format: Hardback
9780691129730, 0691129738
Trigonometry , History Of Mathematics ,

The Story of Mathematics The Story of Mathematics
in 24 Equations
Author: Dana MacKenzie
Publisher: Modern Books
Format: Paperback
9781911130703, 1911130706
History Of Mathematics

Humble Pi Humble Pi
A Comedy of Maths Errors
Author: Matt Parker
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Hardback
9780241360231, 0241360234
Mathematics , History Of Mathematics , Popular Science , Humour ,

The Bones The Bones
Author: Euclid
Publisher: Green Lion Press
Format: Paperback
9781888009217, 1888009217

Count Like an Egyptian Count Like an Egyptian
A Hands-on Introduction to Ancient Mathematics
Author: David Reimer
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Format: Hardback
9780691160122, 0691160120
Ancient History: To C 500 CE , Mathematical Foundations , History Of Mathematics , Popular Science ,

Naming Infinity Naming Infinity
A True Story of Religious Mysticism and Mathematical Creativity
Author: Loren Graham
Format: Hardback
9780674032934, 0674032934
European History , Religion & Science , Orthodox & Oriental Churches , Mysticism , Set Theory , History Of Mathematics ,

The Monty Hall Problem The Monty Hall Problem
The Remarkable Story of Math's Most Contentious Brain Teaser
Author: Jason Rosenhouse
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
Format: Hardback
9780195367898, 0195367898
Probability & Statistics , History Of Mathematics , Popular Science ,

Chilled Chilled
How Refrigeration Changed the World and Might Do So Again
Author: Tom Jackson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Hardback
9781472911438, 1472911431
General & World History , History Of Mathematics , History Of Science , Popular Science , Thermodynamics & Heat , History Of Engineering & Technology , Other Technologies & Applied Sciences ,

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